PASSHE Summer Honors Abroad 2014

Twenty eight PASSHE Honors students who were escorted by three Mansfield University faculty members toured the Canadian Maritime provinces of New Brunswick and Nova Scotia from May 23rd through June 5th, 2014. During the 2014 PASSHE Honors Summer Abroad experience the students took two classes - one involving the geography and geology of the Maritimes taught by Dr. Russ Dodson and the other class explored food sustainability in the region taught by Dr. Kathy Wright.  Dr. Lee Wright coordinated the two week trip.

 The students had multiple varied experiences ranging from seeing the highest vertical tide changes in the world to going lobster fishing to enjoying a traditional First Nations Mik’mag feast. Most of the students had never traveled to Canada previous and none had traveled to the Maritime region. 

 Two Honors students were selected from each PASSHE university. Tracey LaFrance and Jacob Kelly both of whom are Biology majors represented Mansfield University.

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Submitted by Dr. Lee Wright